Friday, November 6, 2009

Special Treatment for Professional Athletes

There has been a media uproar over the recent breach of trust between the provincial health care systems and the citizens of Canada. I have been an avid sports fan throughout my entire life, but on this occasion I do not side with the players. A few days ago, the entire Calgary Flames organization including their families were given the H1N1 flu vaccines even though there was a shortage.

The players' point of view:
-they are constantly moving from city to city meeting fans and signing autographs
-they also spend time visiting elementary schools to meet the kids further increasing their interaction with strangers
-they consider themselves high risk because due to the amount interaction that they have with the public

My point of view: Pregnant women and children are high risk offenders because they are less likely to recover if they have the flu. Professional athletes are constantly given the best treatment out there. They have team medical doctors specifically hired to look after them. Their body's capability of recovering from the flu is much higher than children and pregnant women. I guess they do have a high risk of getting the flu, but so do bus drivers, students, teachers and everyday citizens. It's a shame that they have been given preferential treatment when others really need it first. Here's an article from the Calgary Herald on this matter.