Sunday, November 8, 2009

5 People You Should Follow on Twitter

When I heard about Twitter I was a bit skeptical. Micro-blogging using status updates? The idea at the time seemed a bit silly to me. Why would I be interested in knowing what other people had for breakfast or who they ran into that day? Little did I know, Twitter was made for people like myself. I signed up this past summer and the idea did not catch on right away. Most of the people I followed were friends from work, who I saw on a regular basis. September came along and school was back in session. I felt a bit disconnected from those people and decided to get back in the loop again by putting Twitter back on my phone. The harmonious relationship between myself and Twitter has been strong since that day. Some people tweet to be funny. Some do it to express emotions. Some people are unfollowed because they tweet too much and drain my cell phone batteries. :)

Here's my list of 5 people that you should follow on Twitter.

1. rainnwilson

He's the guy that plays Dwight Schrute on the Office.

recent tweet: LT, Crabtree, Shockey and Steve Smith combine for 150 yds and no TDs. Krasinski will take the crown. Idiot.

2. taylorswift13

She's the girl next door with a million music awards and over 1.5 million followers. As an avid country listener, I have been fan since the get-go.

recent tweet: @butchwalker covered You Belong With Me and I'm losing my MIND listening to it! Blown away. This weekend rules.

3. funnyordie

Just a bunch of people online making funny videos and tweet posts.

recent tweet:
Mambo Dog just wants to dance!

4. TherealOdrama

Host of The Real Odrama show always makes me laugh with his off color remarks.

recent tweet:
I'm an asshole, wipe me down biiiiiitch

5. TheEllenShow

One of my idols because she is witty, funny and always dances up a storm.

recent tweet:
I still can’t find my purse. My lips are starting to get chapped.

That's my list, if you would like to follow what I have to say add me at @Therealjayho

recent tweet:
Gotta love socks fresh from the dryer! :)