Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Real Odrama Interviews Money Hungry Syndicate

The Real Odrama is at it again. This time he interviews a rap group based out of East Vancouver. I went to high school with two of these guys and they pay tribute to growing up in the hood. Everybody grows up in the "hood" whether it be in Burnaby, Pocompton, North Van, West Van, the West Side or most notably East Vancouver. I love my city and the area that I grew up in. It's hard to compare a walk down Commercial Drive, eating a greasy meal at Bons or chowing down on some Bao Chau (one of few Vietnamese restaurants that I like to eat at). All of these things represent East Vancouver and in a sense so does Money Hungry Syndicate. Their music might not be appreciated by everyone out there, but I still enjoy it because of the East Van factor.

I giggled a bit when I heard the crowd chanting "East Van! East Van!"

Check out their music ->