Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to Attract LBs - A guest post by Rebecca Wu

This is Grapes and Peanuts' first guest post written by my good friend Rebecca Wu. In her day to day life she seems to encounter a lot of these kinds of guys. I've asked her to help me understand more on this subject matter. Here's what she had to say

How to Attract LBs

1. Tell them excessively that you admire their style and look.
Even if they look exactly like their other friends, tell them how great their hair looks or how well they dress. They like to hear that the money they got from their parents/drug dealing/selling weapons was well spent; all thousands of it.

2. Call them “cute” and “adorable.”
If they are or not, they like to hear it. Tell them they’re `sweethearts `for helping you move something or call them `dolls` for just greeting you. Being labeled `a cutie` by a woman is an ego boost; especially from older women.

3. Hug them excessively.
Young LBs don’t realize that a hug can be strictly platonic. They usually think you’re into them. Use this to your advantage.
4. Show that you care.
Even if you don’t, mention how you worry about them when they do something stupid. Show that you have a maternal care for them, like anything that affects them will actually have a toll on you.
5. Don’t tell them how dumb they are.
In fact, display admiration for them when they declare to fight another guy for staring him down or for calling him out on his similar clothes. Also, envy them for spending their paychecks on material items.

Proceed with the above actions with caution. These techniques can cause an LB to be attached for a long periods of time. Should their entertainment value expire, slowly drift away (via text, ignoring calls/messages). Should you blow them off completely, you’ll be labeled a bitch among their LB group.

-Written by Rebecca Wu

When I asked her to write this article I gave her no guidelines or limitations. After reading the article it would seem to me that she is purposely attracting these LBs. I feel sorry for these guys because I was once of them myself. The cougars that preyed on that, shame on them. The boys that fall to their tricks, shame on us. Truth be told the terms LBs and LGs get tossed around so often that I have a hard time figuring out who is clumped into these these categories. Next week we will try to get a guest post written by the foremost leading expert in LG research, The LG Professor. Their website will help us assess, inform and prescribe cures to this lifestyle that has plagued our nation. Stay tuned for updates.