Sunday, November 15, 2009


The internet is filled with so much information. I wonder if there is a program out there that could track my history and give me a weekly report on which websites I go to, how often and how much time I spend on them. It would be like Google Analytics except from a user stand point. As far as I can tell most of my direct inputs go to Facebook, Twitter, TSN, Blogger, Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Daisy Owl and Surf the Channel. For those of you who don't know, Daisy Owl is an online comic strip about an Owl that raises two kids and has a bear friend named Steve. It's pretty awesome. Growing up I always dreamed about having a huge encyclopedia collection so I can learn a little bit about everything. That dream came true with the invention of Wikipedia. During the spring and summer, I spend all of my time outdoors enjoying the nice weather. The rest of the year I hermit behind the television and computer screen unless I have school, work or I'm out with friends . Walks in the city just aren't as pleasant when the sidewalks are flooded and its cold outside. This reminds me: I must finish knitting those scarves that I was working so hard on.