Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Brick of Shame

The Brick of Shame is given out to individuals, organizations, events that deserve it. It is equal to the walk of shame; the embarrassing exit of a person leaving a one night stand's humble abode. Each brick of shame will have its place in being the building blocks behind the Great Wall of Shame. The Real Jay Ho would like to present the first Brick of Shame to. *drum roll*

Congratulations are in order for the Underground (official newspaper of the UBC Arts Undergraduate Society). This Brick of Shame is awarded due to parody gone terribly wrong and bad judgment by writers and editors of the paper.

This extremely offensive piece was written as a parody about rape in society. It perpetuated a stereotype about fraternity guys being sleaze bags and date raping girls. I think that issue is such a serious one that satire should not be used. I do believe in free press but this was poorly written and hurt a lot of people in the process. The editor has publicly apologized for releasing this poor piece of journalism if you can call it that. Unfortunately, this past incident will forever place The Underground in the Great of Shame. Please read the article for yourself by clicking on the images and forming your own opinions on it.

Here's the Ubyssey's condemnation of the article