Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snowboard Jump Off the Roof

I woke up today listening to the gusting winds swaying the tree in front of my house. I realized that winter was coming soon and it brought by a wonderful memory. I used to watch television shows and they would glorify "snow days." I didn't really relate to these episodes too much because I was raised to stay inside the house when it snowed. There were no epic igloos or snowball fights. A few years ago I was living in the frat house and there was a huge snow storm. So many trees were blown over that they had to reroute the 99 BLine to 16th Avenue. It was my first real snow day and we had an epic snow ball fight with about 100 other guys. Each house had its own fort and we spent about 4 hours outside warring. School was canceled the following day because buses could longer get into campus. All snowballed out, we decided to do something exciting. A snowboard drop off our roof seemed like a good idea at the time. It was about a 3 meter drop onto a hill and then our picnic bench. We spent a few hours building it and people came to witness the marvel. They brought out their snowboards and skis and took turns dropping off this roof. I am glad that no one was hurt that day, but I'm still impressed that we built something so cool. Here's another story that was memorable ->> Tennis Ball Dodgeball